My Vegan Chocolate Wasteland

I’m living in a Vegan Chocolate Wasteland…and it sucks. Look, I know this is most definitely quintessential first world problems, but you’re dealing with a woman who isn’t getting her regular dark chocolate fix. This means you must allow me to vent.

My Vegan Chocolate Wasteland - a tale of how I survived a thrived through a desert of vegan chocolate options!

It all started when I received an email from a reader that Ghirardelli had changed its recipe. The chocolate chips that were a BPBTWI (a bit pricey but totally worth it) had been my stalwart over the years.

Those chocolate chips were so accessible. Always there for me. For example, my local grocery store, Price Chopper, stocked Ghirardelli. The next nearest grocery store, Hy-Vee, sold it as well. I could find bags and bags of the stuff at Target, Walmart, and the health food store. I could probably even find it at the Dollar Store…if I looked hard enough.

Then they changed their recipe, and here’s the rub, the new recipe included dairy. That meant every single variety of Ghirardelli chocolate baking pieces would now include dairy. Even the chocolate baking bars!

›Dairy = not vegan. 🙁

Sigh. I was disappointed, but then again, there was always Costco. Right?

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’ve been buying the big, bag o’ chocolate chips via Kirkland for years. They’re dairy-free. I chalk this one up to the “Accidentally Vegan” column, but whatever. I’ll take it.

Here’s where things go from bad to worse. Over the last several months, our trips to Costco have turned up empty handed. They’re not carrying the Kirkland’s chocolate chips any more. At least not for the last several months.

So, no Ghirardelli and now no Kirkland’s. That’s left me stalking the baking aisle of our grocery store hoping for another affordable, desirable semi-sweet chocolate chip to step forward.

As a result, I’ve discovered a few new options. The good news for you is that I’ve updated my Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Guide to include a few more resources, because, you know, chocolate.

Thanks to all these new options I’m finally leaving the great Vegan Chocolate Wasteland. Of course, I won’t quit searching for Kirkland’s chocolate chips every time I’m at Costco, but I’m pretty happy with my Target runs lately (thanks to the fact they now stock Scharffen Berger Chocolate chips which are not only dairy-free, but delicious too…check out the link above to see for yourself).

Also, I found myself drinking a lot of my Vegan Tea-Infused Hot Cocoa. It covered my chocolate fix on the darkest of days.

That’s it for today. Do you have a favorite dairy-free chocolate chip? Let me know!

Health & Happiness,


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  1. Avatar thumbnail image for MarlyMegan Reply

    Walmart has a dairy free chocolate chips in the ethnic aisle. They’re not great for snacking on but work perfectly in baking. I also found dairy free mini chocolate chips on Vitacost. Kinda disappointed that they aren’t regular size but I, like you, need a little chocolate in my life I’m addicted to the Endangered Species bars……the darker the better for me! And I find these at Target.

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