What to Serve with Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a classic dessert that you can serve for breakfast. Dessert for breakfast? I’m in! You’ll love it because it’s a moist, flavorful cake that’s packed with cinnamon flavor. But if you’re having a party, you may wonder what to serve with coffee cake. It can be a conundrum. Let’s discuss ideas to transform something like the best vegan coffee cake into more than just coffee and cake. It can be a fun celebration!

A slice of coffee cake is in the baking dish with the rest of the cake. It sits on its side, showing layers of cake with cinnamon filling in the middle.

There’s something about the aroma of coffee cake that can instantly transport you to a cozy and welcoming gathering with friends. If your gathering is later in the day, you may ask, does coffee cake have caffeine? If so, it can impact the menu because you may want to be careful about caffeine consumption in the latter part of the day.

After the party, you’ll want to know how to store coffee cake if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers!

When you’re in party planning mode, don’t settle for the usual coffee and cake pairing. With the right sides, you can elevate your soiree to an unforgettable culinary experience!

Let’s explore some of the most delectable side dishes and beverages that can complement your coffee cake and even some presentation tips to make your next gathering a colossal hit.

Whether a seasoned host or a newbie, you’ll impress your friends with your coffee cake game. So grab a cup of joe, and let’s get started!

What to Serve with Coffee Cake for Breakfast

Coffee cake can pair well with a variety of breakfast items, depending on how indulgent you want to make the morning meal.

Classic pairings include a cup of plant-based yogurt, granola, and some freshly-cut fruit. These dishes compliment the sweetness of the coffee cake.

Or for a more savory breakfast, you could serve scrambled tofu with a side of roasted vegetables like bell peppers and asparagus.

For a health-conscious meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor, try serving a nutty granola or hearty oatmeal with coffee cake on the side. Either way, your coffee cake breakfast is sure to hit the spot and fuel you for the day ahead.

Sweet Pairings

If you’re looking for something sweet to serve with coffee cake, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.

  • Fresh berries like strawberries or raspberries can add a burst of berry flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of the cake.
  • A dollop of coconut whipped cream or a scoop of banana nice cream can also enhance the coffee cake experience.
  • For a more indulgent pairing, try drizzling date caramel sauce or chocolate sauce over your slices.
  • I also like to have some coffee cake muffins for those who prefer the portion control that muffins provide.

Now, if you’re more of a savory person, don’t worry because there are also some great options for you. Let’s explore some of the most mouth-watering savory pairings to elevate your coffee cake game.

Several slices of coffee cake sit on a table with napkins and cups of coffee.

Savory Pairings

Do you prefers savory treats? You’ll be happy to know that coffee cake can be paired with more than just sweet things.

  • For a delicious and savory twist, try pairing your coffee cake with some spicy roasted chickpeas. The spicy and salty crispy baked legumes will complement the sweetness of the cake.
  • Another option is to serve some cashew cream with your coffee cake. The creaminess will balance out the sweetness of the cake and add a tangy flavor to the mix.
  • For a heartier option, pair your coffee cake with a vegan quiche or frittata. The savory flavors of these dishes works wonderfully with the sweetness of the cake and make for a more substantial meal.
  • And if you’re feeling adventurous, try serving your coffee cake with some bacon-flavored almonds. The combination might sound unusual, but the contrast of sweet and smoky flavors can be surprisingly delicious.

Now that we’ve explored some savory pairings for your coffee cake, let’s move on to the perfect beverages to serve alongside them.

A slice of coffee cake is on its side showing layers of cake and cinnamon filling. The text reads, What to serve with Coffee Cake: Make your next coffee cake a party!

Beverage Pairings

When it comes to a delicious slice of coffee cake, the perfect beverage pairing can elevate the entire experience. You can serve any of these beverages hot or iced.

  • A hot cup of coffee is the obvious choice, with its rich, earthy flavors complementing the sweetness of the cake.
  • For a lighter option, a cup of tea can provide a refreshing break from the sugary treat.
  • Some vanilla-flavored plant-based milk can be the perfect complement to a warm slice of coffee cake. Plant-based milk is perfect because it fits various dietary needs, including vegan and dairy-free.
  • Golden turmeric lattes are another great option, combining turmeric and almond milk. The creamy texture of golden milk complements the soft crumb of the cake, making for a delightful combination

Are you hosting a gathering? Be sure to provide a variety of beverage options for your guests. Offer hot and cold options, both with and without caffeine, to accommodate everyone’s taste preferences.

Now that we’ve covered the beverage pairings for your coffee cake, it’s time to focus on presentation tips to make your gathering even more special.,

Presentation Tips

Now that you have your coffee cake and beverages ready, it’s time to think about the presentation. After all, an aesthetically pleasing setup can enhance the overall experience for your guests. Here are some presentation tips to consider for your next gathering:

  1. Decorative platters: Instead of serving the coffee cake straight out of the pan, transfer slices onto a decorative platter or cake stand. This will add a touch of elegance to your display.
  2. Colors and textures: When choosing your plates, napkins, and tablecloth, think about the colors and textures that will complement your coffee cake. For example, if you have a chocolate coffee cake, consider using plates with earthy tones to enhance the rich chocolate flavor.
  3. Flora: Incorporating a few fresh flowers or greenery on the table can make it feel more inviting and lively. You can even use herbs like mint or rosemary as a garnish for your beverages or cake.
  4. Set the Mood: Use soft lighting or candles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This will encourage your guests to relax and enjoy the company and treats.

With these presentation tips, your coffee cake gathering is sure to be a hit. I’m sure your guests will admire the extra effort you put to make this experience so special. Cheers to good food, good company, and good times!

Pumpkin Seed Coffee Cake

Frequently-Asked Questions

What fruit goes with coffee cake?

You can serve coffee cake with citrus fruit like orange slices and grapefruit. Or go the berry route and serve slices with fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries. You can even add apple or pear slices on top of your coffee cake.

Is coffee cake breakfast or dessert?

Coffee cake can is a versatile pastry that you can serve for breakfast or dessert! It’s nice having an excuse to eat a cake for breakfast, so indulge in a delicious slice in the morning. Or serve it for a snack in the afternoon. It’s also amazing served as an after-dinner dessert.


Coffee cake is more than just a delicious pastry, it’s the perfect excuse to gather with friends and loved ones.

By exploring sweet and savory pairings, selecting the perfect beverages, and nailing the presentation, you can elevate your coffee cake game to the next level.

Whether you try these tips at your next brunch or dinner party, your guests will appreciate your effort and creativity to present the perfect culinary experience. So why not add coffee cake and these pairings to your next gathering’s menu? As the saying goes, “a party without cake is just a meeting.”

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