What Kind of Vegan Are You?

Take our Vegan Quiz to determine which of the identified vegan types best suits you: Convenient Vegan, Fearless Vegan, or a Plant-Based Vegan. With answers to just a few questions, you’ll find out an answer to the question…what kind of vegan are you?

Why take the Vegan Quiz? Because knowing your type can help you better identify recipes and resources to help you in your day-to-day life.

Take, for example, eating out.

  • Plant-based Vegan — You will want to choose restaurants that provide salad options and maybe even some plant-based side dishes like baked potatoes.
  • Fearless Vegan — You may be a little more adventurous and will opt for a restaurant that provides vegan cheeses.
  • Convenient Vegan — You will be happy to order vegan cheeses and faux meat products or veggie burgers with fries.

Knowing your type can also help you when selecting recipes. After completing the quiz we will show you delicious recipes perfect for your vegan type!